Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Kiddie-Winky Condo

I finally got some work done at the shed, the babies got their kid pens- the first big jug was already up at the shed and we got the old hay cleared out enough to put up some 16' hog panels for walls, feed dishes, water bucket and feeders. This one is much bigger than the baby pen we put up last year, and adding a second one for smaller kids will make things much easier.

I call it 'The Kiddie-Winky Condo'.

When a set of babies gets big enough, we set these up so I can put the little ones up at night after they have dinner, let the mamas back into the doe pen or up into the woods, and milk the mamas in the morning. It also allows me to feed the babies with medicated feed to prevent certain parasites that keep babies from growing out well, not to mention keeping their 'hussy' moms from eating all the babies' food!

The jugs seem to be about 4' by 4', or thereabouts, and very heavy duty plastic. they can be bedded down easily and just as easily kept clean.

Since the jug has a screw off lid, a heat lamp can be placed through the top and still be safe for keeping little ones warm on cold nights.

My husband came out to the barn today to prep the hay conveyor for being sold- there was this hen, I think a Golden Comet, who had recently come into the flock that would not leave either of us alone. Methinks she was hand raised and is quite friendly. So, when my elder daughter came out to give me a hand with something, this hen decided that my daughter was the person to bond with. The hen jumped up into her lap and began to cuddle in my daughter's arm. What a hoot!

The last thing that happened today was getting to see a couple of colts that had been born at Carver's Orchard in Cosby. We went for lunch, and to pick up fresh apple cider and grapefruits. this was our reward!

(Stay tuned- the next farm field day is coming- Memorial Day weekend- I'll make an announcement soon.)

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