Saturday, February 9, 2008

Goats and more goats.....

Kidding Season Has Begun!
For the next several months, my life ceases to be my own. The kidding storm has begun.....
First came Pearlie's twins- they are full siblings to Bridie- the little girl, shown above- not named yet- is looking for a new home. She will be a wonderful bottle baby.

Next is Gretel's little boy- the first of the Chicago kids to hit the ground in 08'. He came out kissing everybody and Gretel is a super mommy with a beautiful soft udder. Please excuse Gretel's butt, she's just out of childbed, not nursed yet so you can see her udder. Gretel's not too bright you see- I went out to give her a bell for her collar this morning when I checked the mommies pen and she lost him when I picked him up to give him a hug- we can't tell if he is polled yet, but there is a good possibility that he is.
There are few does who need to go to new homes- here are some of them.
Angela is a purebred Nubian upcoming dry yearling.

Aradia is a Saanen doe, posing in the red collar, that has never bred that needs a pet home or to work as a pack goat. If you take her and she has kids, it is your gain!

This is Laurie, a lovely Saanen upcoming dry yearling. I had to choose between her and her sister because of space limitations, what with kids coming and all. Standing beside her is her mother, Pai'Gow.

This is Sarah Rose, a half Nubian/half Saanen junior yearling- she was bottle raised, along with Angela, and is very friendly.

This is Helga, a litter sister to Gretel. Helga got the brains of the outfit. Sorry I got her on the move and behind Wildflower's butt- they know when you want to take their picture and run to hide as the camera shutter is working. Helga is bred to Chicago and won't leave until after she kids- he doe kid by Chicago from last year is possibly the best kid I have ever bred. I like her udder a lot- but, I can only keep so many.

Here is Lena, theToggenburg. Yes, the brown one. She's bred to Pan, my Golden Guernsey buck for SR kids. She can leave when she kids.

This is Opal. Opal is a fantastic milker. It is hard to get her to stop. I hate to see her go, but as I say, I can only keep so many and the future of the herd is in the kids. She is also bred to Pan and can leave when she kids.
Contact me at: We test every year for CAE and do not have CL in our herd.*

Warren-Wilson College

Slow Food and Agriculture For the Next Century

I was pleasantly suprised by the campus at Warren-Wilson- nestled deep in the hills to the east of Asheville, NC, Warren-Wilson is a gem of a school, with excellent student/teacher ratios, just right for immersing the student in the environment.
What one will notice about the agriculture end of the cirriculum is that the students are very hands on their work- learning by example. The greenhouses and fields beyond are a welcome respite to many of today's larger campuses simply because this campus is out of sight and hearing of large roads. the whole area is very laid back and most of the neighors have already refused to sell their land to developers- they understand the value of the earth, rather than seeing money as the big pay off.
"What kind of College has no football, no fraternities, no sororities and believes that one person can change the world?" There's information here on all their programs, even the Swannanoa Gathering, and the Swannanoa School for the Culinary Arts.
Honestly, if I knew then what I know now when I went to College in the 70's, I would have chosen Warren-Wilson.