Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Spring! ....Well, almost

Young master Willian Salem Snyder-Bush made his entrance into the world on January 29, 2009, to a much relieved Katie and Chris. After two hours- yes! two hours! - of labor, he plopped out and began to charm everyone he meets.
Am I a proud Grandmommy? Yes, I am . :-)

These are our spring goat babies so far.......
With the exception of the little guy sniffing the blue bucket above, all the goats in this picture are looking for new homes. Over the next week, we will have several Saanen does have their babies and then we can start milking for the year-
I've got several does that need to find new situations, and most kids will also need to move their sweet selves to new digs. I've got three Guernsey milkers that need to go after they kid, so if you want to get into the BGS Guernsey program here is your chance. With the exchange rate really good just now, it's not as pricey. And there will be three Saanen milker, plus all but three doe kids that must leave, to keep the herd manageable in these uncertain times.
Email me for particulars......

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