Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Linear Appraisal 08'

Heeerreee's Chicago- his Immense-ness.......

We had a LinearAppraisal session here at the farm on August 1st- we try to appraise the goats every other year, but we had to skip last year because it got on so late in the year, what with the drought and all.

ADGA sends out appraisers (by request of the goats' owner) and each goat is scored in areas such as stature, strength, dairyness, udders, etc. We ened up scoring 24 animals in all and it sure was hot. The appraiser found it delightful when we offered him a Blenheim ginger ale-

Chicago's score was EEE 91 at 5yrs., 4 months of age. This means he scored Excellent in the three structural catagories that a buck is scored under and had 91 total out of a possible 100 points. You don't usually see higher than a 92, but some does have scored 93 and one doe, a Togg, I know of has scored a 94!

Chicago's grandmother, McQuitty Farm Aloha, was two times Nat'l CH Saanen, and he's been throwing beautiful daughters in several herds in NC. We are very proud to have him here with us!

ADDENDUM, 8/20/08: Chicago's daughters, One-More Dasha and One-More Cha Cha were 3rd place 2 yr. old and 3 yr. old Saanen milkers (respectively) at this years ADGA National Show! We are even more proud to have him with us at the farm!

Also, our buck Dzimianski's Zaphod Beeblebrox's momma was 5th place 5-6 yr. old milker as well!

This is Eilidh, one of the heirs to the Brandenburg doe-line. She has a gorgeous milky udder, woth easy to milk teats. At three years old, she still has some maturing to do, but her score was ++VE, 84, with a score of 43 in rear udder height. That final 'E' is for mammary- I knew she'd score an E mammary, her mother was the first homebred E mammary here at the farm.

That's Sassy in the background- she's anticipating the day when the Guernseys are accepted into ADGA so she can get scored too!

And here's Mysty, hiding in the round bale of hay, waiting her turn. She's no slouch- she scored a VEEV 87, at 5 yrs. of age.

My babies did well too- the dry yearlings all scored well and Eilidh's daughter was spectacular for with a score of EcEcV(Ec). I feel like we are finally going in the right direction with the Saanen herd!

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