Sunday, May 18, 2008

Life Happens!

Whoooo boy, does it ever! And you don't even know the half of it.....

We've gotten so much done here at the farm, and there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel- at least a glimmer of something. Still with everything here that has gotten done, there's more to be done. Plus even more loads of garbage and vestiges of our former lives, more than 20 years in the making!

We live a very simple life here- fresh milk and eggs from the farm, plus the garden is partially in, with Cherokee Purple tomatoes, carrots, potatoes already planted, and yellow onions, greens and much more waiting to be planted. Since we do not have credit cards or rely on most outside sources for many things, there is no need to travel. I can make a tank of gas in my little S-10 truck last 2-3 weeks, or more, with care.

It looks like we will be a lot more active or perhaps accessable in the near future. I've had issues with my back- the SBO- and struggling with physical issues, left over from the fire in 2000. The last X-rays I had done of my back showed the lower and upper back as having some issues. Plus menopause.

So, if I seem distant, I'm really not- I am working on a project that requires my full attention- me. The farm is an extension of me, so much so that I just do not go visiting as much as I would like- even last weekend, some friends I had not seen in a long time were visiting next door. Himself went next door, but I stayed to keep an eye on the farm. I do not like to be gone for long from here- too many exposed moving parts, if you will. And then I fall over- I am no fun you guys, I fall over a lot. A more boring person you have never known. As soon as it gets dark, I am out like a light.....

It has weighed heavily on me for years, so my madness has been to take deep looks to see why I do what I do and drop the old things that keep me holding weight. And that has paid off- I am in contact with a lot of folks from previous corners of my life- the good stuff that never went away is visable again after wading through layers of mud in my psyche. But, I'm not done yet. And I don't mean to come across as arrogant or anything, I 'm just in a different space than a lot of folks. I view my life as pretty much monastic.

There are places and folks that I see only once a year. Now, what with gas prices, that may be even less. It has gotten to the point that if folks want to see me, they really need to come to the farm. If they have not been up in many years, they will see just how much the place has changed. And if you've never been here, please understand is that we are still a work in progress- with a loooooooottttttttt of progress still to be had.

So bear with me- srsly! Come- speak LOL!cat with me and spend the day watching goats in chairs, dogs wrestling, or chickens playing tag. And yes, you can have a cheezburger......

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Anonymous said...

Today must be my "cherokee purple tomato" day. Someone at work told me today about buying Cherokee purple tomato plants at Greenlife Grocery store in Chattanooga, now I got a link from your post on Meridian gardens and you are talking about it on your blog!

Small world or else these tomatoes are all the rage this year...hmmm.