Sunday, May 25, 2008


On Saturday, May 24, the weather held and the first field day was held here at the farm! I want to thank our speakers and also everyone who attended. We had a nice group of folks for the first time, and even though the goat roast was postponed for another weekend, we still had good food and fellowship!

Patti Erion, shown above and below, talked to us about composting and building raised beds in the garden. She told us about the different kinds of manure- brown and green- and also about the the proper mix to get your compost pile working correctly.

Here, we see the bed being prepared. Yellow onions were immediately planted!
And the folks who attended.

This is my daughter Dory, showing her chicks to the folks as she discusses her chicken operation.

And our new bee hive, awaiting the other three supers for honey production. It is still quite cool up in the mountains and the nectar flow is not in quite yet, so we still feed the bees.

And here is Max milking Jolie. I have to say that all three young people who attended the day were very good about getting milk out of the goat! With a little practice, they will all be good goat farmers!

The day would not be complete without BBQ! Along with a few other delicious items and beer, dinner was very yummy- and I made goat cheese shortbread for dessert. Of course, this morning, we had the rest of the shortbread with strawberries, scrambled eggs, sausage and onions. This reminds me why I love to cook!
We will be doing this again in a few months and I plan to start an occaisional Saturday afternoon 'Tea with the Goats', wherein gardeners of all kinds are welcome. Please plan to bring a fresh and light dish of something you have made from your own garden or other enterprise that you produce food from. Watch for announcements on email lists. Let's all get together and talk about our gardens!
Characters will be welcome!

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