Sunday, February 18, 2007

It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.....

Back in 1994, I bought my first dairy goat- Bonanza Jelly Bean- a Saanen/Nubian cross doe who initiated me into the wonders of goat milk- and off I went into the goat world. I had had a little white 'brush nanny'- aptly named 'Nanny' (pictured above)- a couple of years after I got back from University and taught horsemanship to young girls. The person who stands out in my mind at that time as one who pointed me in the direction of living on the land was Dr. Vicken Totten, who was a resident at the hospital my mother worked at. As one of those 'failure to launch' types, I did not leave Kingsport until I was 30 years old. Whew!
And here I am now, just turned 50, meno-pausal- children raised, working towards a licensed cheese dairy in the Gatlinburg market- and having the opportunity to breed a wonderful breed of goat- the Golden Guernsey from the Isle of Guernsey in the UK channel isles. Not many of those around- about 450 +/- purebred breeding females worldwide.

On this blog, you may find interesting pictures of things around the farm- daily scenes, dogs, goats, kidding season, recipes and this I like to do- Grandfather Moountain Highand Games, all things Scottish, The Wizard of OZ, goat shows, etc.- things like that.
You will also find things about the natural world and all natural ways of creating glowing health and woman's natural wisdom. Like the header says- 'go to the mountians and drink goat milk'-
Go with God and in good health- Betsy


Rosie said...

Looks great, Betsy!

You should actually already be on new blogger since they stopped allowing people to create blogs in old blogger a month or so ago. If you did manage to do that, they will be sending you an email requiring you to switch. I heard that they are already requiring old blogger users to transition.

There are tons of cool free things you can add to your blog. I recommend Blogrolling to keep track of your links. There is a browser bar feature called "Blogroll It" so you never actually have to go into your account to type in anything.

Anonymous said...

Goat Yoda you are; JohnieB here. Rosie said "Come visit and say howdy: nice place. I'm sure Rosie will keep us up on your doin's.

Betsy aka 'the goat yoda' said...

Thanks JohnieB. I'm still getting the hang of it.

Mallow said...

Hi Betsy
I'm one of Rosie's friends from Buzznet. We recently reconnected after not chatting for awhile. It's nice to meet you and all your extended animal family. I'll be visiting here often for goat yoda wisdom. :)