Monday, February 19, 2007

Chance would be a fine thing......

The snow from yesterday seems to have gone the way of things enough to let us get in and out of the hollar. I was supposed to go Saturday to pick up some does and take Rosie along- we seem to be conspiring to go on a restaurant critic's tour of BBQ places and other interesting side bars. Maybe Brown Mtn. Or Max Patch. Well enough, since Ammy came back into heat and Chicago bred her. I don't mind late babies from him.
So, the doe excursion is to take place today-
Anyway, I'm waiting for the hens to start laying- we've had fresh milk and cheese from one doe- Ammy, above- and for more of the does to kid, some are due this coming week, so I 'll attempt to get some shots up of the process. I'll put some recipies with goat cheese up soon too- my stufed Portabella mushrooms are to die for.....
We actually got the vinyl flooring on the shed sub-floor before the snow hit- and with any luck we will get the first wall up this coming weekend- 'if' the weather holds, yeah- right....I'll put the process of that up on webshots soon-


erin ambrose said...

hi! I'm spreading the love as urged by rosie. I love this rural women blogging thing thats happening...very nice.
I'm in new mexico...have sheep! if i could get my hands on full blood fresian i'd definitely do sheeps milk here....maybe cross it with my churro to get that high mountain arid climate ruggedness in there.
anyway...i look forward to reading your posts! you should check my blog!

bluemountainmama said...

here from rosie's...welcome to blogging! i used to live in western, nc and we used to hike at max patch all the time- it was neat to hear a familiar name. i'm sure i'll be checking back to read more of your "goat" and other adventures on your farm, as i really enjoy rosie's site.

Betsy aka 'the goat yoda' said...

Thanks guys, I'm hoping to get more pix together as I can- like I don't have enough already- we are doing a LOT of work this spring and getting a house built, etc.