Monday, April 2, 2007

Dogs do the most interesting things......

This is Gir, my daughter Kat's Min-Pin. You've seen Invader Zim, I'm sure. Doom, doom, doom. dah-doom, doom dah-doom doom doom doom....

Gir, also known as Gerty-Berty, Gir-Doo, Gerty-B and several other names used to call a small very vocal dog- the kind Gary Larsen wrote about in the cartoon 'nervous little dogs prepare for their day, rules the house. Gir also has a very short learning curve- she 'gets it' really quickly.
Yesterday, she came up to me with an egg in her mouth. The chickens are a bit indiscriminant about their laying habits, so the dogs get fresh eggs frequently. Not thinking, I took that egg away and threw it out not knowing how long it had been there. She was patient becasue she knew that goodies come her way anytime I am in the kitchen.
So today, Gir came in from her morning run and ran back to where I was at the computer, and dropped an egg at my feet! Smart doggie! I picked it up and praised her, then took it to the kitchen after I finished my emails and cooked it right up for her! She knows a good thing when she sees it.


Rosie said...

Damn...I'm having a hard time leaving comments here...Damn You, Blogger!

Gir is adorable, and I know you are glad to have her around again. All of my guys are confirmed egg suckers.

I've Tagged You for a meme.

Rosie said...

Hey Betsy!

Thinking about starting a Carnival of Ruminants. Thought about just goats, but think it would be better to include all ruminants. That way I can pull in Kees in Africa with all his wildebeast action. Those damn cat bloggers are hogging all the glory.